Q: How can i book a workshop?

A: Its easy! On the Workshops page choose which theme you would like and then click on the ‘Book this workshop’ button. Fill out the enquiry form and then we will get in contact with you once we have checked availability. Alternatively you can contact us at: info@divadanceacademy.co.uk or 07817953915.

Q: How can I pay for a workshop?

A: Once your workshop has been confirmed you can either pay via cheque or online bank transaction – whichever you prefer. We will give you the relevant payment details at the time of booking.

Q: Do I need any dance experience to take part in a workshop?

A: No experience is needed. Workshops are based on fun and suitable for people with little or no dance experience at all. We believe everyone is capable of dancing, all you need is enthusiasm!

Q: How many people can take part in a workshop?

A: As many as you like!

Q: Where will the workshop be held?

A: All of our workshops are held in modern mirrored dance studios in the city centres. If this isn’t convenient for you then please let us know as we can arrange a suitable alternative.

Q: What shall I wear?

A: Its important that you wear comfortable clothing which doesn’t restrict any movement. Most of the workshops are flat shoe based but others require a small pair of heels.
Details of what to wear and outfit ideas can be found on the Workshops page.
You will be told what you need to bring when you book a workshop.

If your question hasn’t been answered on this page then please contact us.

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